Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Shop Grand Opening Party!

We've moved into a newer, bigger, and better shop!!!!

3503 Old Hwy 99s,
Unit b&c
Roseburg Oregon 97471

Come and hang out with us August 8th, and 9th.

-Friday evening will just be a Chill and Grill. Stop in and check out the shop and shoot the shit.
-Saturday we will hang out at the shop from 10am till 1pm and then we will all ride out to a local camp ground to chill for the evening filled with BEER,BBQ,BIKES,and FRIENDS.

Bring your Bike,Beer, and Gear if you planning on camping.

If your planning on both days you better make sleeping arrangements Friday Night.

for questions please email me:

This is the same weekend we had planned for the Cheap-0-Chop Off but we are postponing the Chop Off for early sept. Keep and eye out for updates.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

BornFree6, Gasser Lounge 5yr anniversary, Fart Barf, and LadyHump Motorcycle Trip!!!!

I just got back from my trip to visit all my SoCal homies. Good times for sure! Here's some pics:

 The Curly Wolf at The Gasser Lounge!
The Gasser Lounge in Redondo Beach
 Fart Barf at The Gasser Lounge!
Allen, Wes, and Myself. "no colors" for BornFree6

 The Gasser Lounge Pool Party!
 Broke down.....
My white pants after bornfree and the 2 day ride home

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New handlebars in the web store and in the works!!!!

 Machete Bars! In the WEB STORE!!!

 Riserless TACO Bars! In the WEB STORE!!!!

 Clamp style TACO BARS!!!! In the WEB STORE!!!!

Stainless Riserless Handlebar Spacers and Custom wheel Bearing spacers. In the WEB STORE!!!!

 here's some square tube bars i have in the works. I have to finish the grips,....i'm not sure if I like the bends.

 This is a custom fancy set of riserless bars I made and mocked up on the shovel. Hit up the web store and this one off set could be yours.

 Bringing back the 70's with some Traditional 6 Bend bars that will work just as well on late model bike as they would on an old chopper!

 After years of modding my bender and tons of custom work I can now offer these super tiny riserless apes and much more! this set is only 6in wide at the base and 8in tall. I left the grips long to keep a 26in width but feel free to chop them down.

I still have these in the works. Ultra Narrow Clubstyle bars. Everyone makes these super wide but after all my mods to my bender and custom dies I can get these super narrow! Email me if your interested in a set. it will be a little bit before these will be in the webstore.

 another set of super tiny bars! Tiny Riserless 6 Bends!

 Tiny Riserless 6 Bends mocked up on my shovel

 Pre Risers welded on

 Tiny Pullback pre risers welded.
Tiny Apes Pre Risers welded