Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lots & Lots & lots of new stuff

Its been crazy busy this month in the shop! Thanks everyone for all of your support! Matt and I are cranking away everyday to get all of these orders filled as fast as we can.

Im really excited about all the new stuff thats going on. Ive ordered some new tooling that will help expand the product line and venture into other products aside from handlebars. One of the tools is this Swag Offroad Tube Roller. I will always support a fellow Oregon Business that is putting out great products. Im not a 4x4 type guy but metal fabrication knows no bounds and good tools are good tools. Im super stoked on this new addition.

We have some new hats that will be available and Ive just restocked the RETRO LOGO T-Shirts! The last batch went fast so I doubled up this time and ordered more of the 2xls for you guys. Those were the first to go on the last batch.

Lots and lots of customer pics being submitted. I appreciate you all sending these in. I pretty much rely on you for product pics. I know it can get old just seeing my manky old shovel over and over again.

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With being as busy as we have been in the shop its alot easier to update instagram on my phone than it is to get on the computer these days.


- Steffan