Monday, August 2, 2010


if i had the money i would buy this bike in a second.
For a Harley event, other than the two Nitro Harleys who were doing exhibition passes Tim and I were the only Harleys there on the track.  There was fog  in the morning so we had to wait awhile for the VHT to dry. Once the trace was ready they only gave us two passes to figure out our dial in time. I did an 8.45 pass on the first run and an 8.24 on the second. I chose an 8.2 dial in time and on my first official run ran an 8.6 because I smoked my tire off the line. The track officials had given the lite my opponents dial if so we had to run it again. I figured I had been given a second chance to make up for the bad run and blew it by red lighting. DAMN IT! I was out of the game by then.

Tim was having a hell of a time getting off the line. Either the front tire would go up or the rear tire would break loose. He went out on his first run as well. He stayed to run on saturday and won. his best run was a 7.8 but won it by dialing in a 7.90 and ran a 7.95. He still had to baby it off the line. I want to see what his bike can do once it gets hooked up.

After the racing they had a live band and biker games. Tim and I both competed in the barrel racing and something where you ride across 2x4's. my low flying bike does not do well in the dirt but I had a blast.

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