Sunday, June 26, 2011

The first Sacralicious Sat..........was awesome!

We had a great local turn out! Good people, cool bikes, good times. I think the real head turner there was Mikes Junkyard Dog jap chop. He picked it up out of the wrecking yard for free and thew it together for almost no money. He made the handle bars out of 7/8's aluminum solid stock. This is what its all about people! Building something, making it our own, and riding the shit out of it! Not having to spend a ton of money on it is a pretty nice bonus.

Were gonna do it again next month on the 9th. That same day is Graffiti Weekend here in Roseburg. Were probably gonna do something alittle more low key and chill out while watching all the old cars and cruise our bikes. Ill keep y'all posted as the details come together.

I hope to see a lot more of you garage builders next time!

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