Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Triumph

Since the blogger app fucks up my photos, they are again.

Its comming along. I've had to stop myself a couple time from taking short cuts to get it going faster. I know if I don't do it the way I have pictured in my head the first time, ill never be happy with it.

I've got my biltwell slimline seat mounted up. I think I need to go with 3in springs instead of the 2in I have on there. I likethe low seat height but I can tell the seats gonna bottom out on the frame on bumps or if I decide to eat one too many tacos during lunch.

I got the chain installed and had to knotch the fender for clearace. I ran some solid stock along the edge for strength and for some little detail work. That shit is a fmother fucker to keep straight while bending. I still need to do some hammering and grinding but ill take care of the little stuff later. I still need to build ome front motor mount plates, wire the bike, build and oil bag [the one in the pic is a piece of crap loaner[bty: thanks Steven!]], install clutch springs, and re seal the push rod tubes.

Its far from done but I'm gonna have it on display at the show this weekend.

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  1. its a firm kind of comfy. i was suprised with it since its so thin. i havnt ridden it yet so, who knows how it will feel on the butt after hundereds of miles.

  2. who cares anyways. Sick bike for sure.