Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tanked Up Tuesday

So,... Ive never been a fan of Pilsner beers but I got an education the other day.
I always thought they were either flavorless or just down right skunky.

Pilsner Beers are super light in body and ingredients that the tinyest influences will completly change them. I tryed these two Pilsner Urquells; one in a bottle and the other in a can. Same beer, different containers. That alone made them taste 180 degrees apart. The beer in the can was clean and crisp. Im gonna say that it has been the only Pils ive tryed and have liked to date. The one in the bottle was just gross and skunky. I couldnt drink it.

It turns out that the hops in beer will skunk when its exposed to light. Ive heard of this but, having had alot of green bottle beers I never really put much thought into it. Trying the two right next to eachother was a real eye opener.

Zombie Performance


  1. if you liked that, try trumer pils, steffan. http://www.trumer-international.com.

    wish i was there to share it with you.

  2. Trumer is good, nice German / American Beer made in the Bay Area - for a pilsner its literally the best one in America.
    Try the different German Pilsners, better than Pilsner urquel, one of the better pilsners inn my opinion would be a nice Peroni,but non the less all pilsners suck ass just to be honest.

    You should be drinking Belgians right now anyways fucker!