Thursday, March 8, 2012

Clown Car Bars!

24in wide
10in tall
8in grips
3in pullback

With all the new front ends that Harley Davidson is producing I'm thinking about changing up the lower joints on these bars. The new trees us integrated clamps that are only a half in tall. My bars fit thes clamps but its a close fit. I feel like a lot of new bike owners think these won't work because of my coped lower joints. I'm thinking of switching up the coped ends so they are like my Quarter racers.

I do get the question of "why don't you do the z'ed or mitered joints". My answer: because they are weak! I don't like to build weak bars. Plus everyone builded mitered bars. I would just be building the same thing as everyone else and sacrificing strength. Sorry, thanks. When I do use the mitered lower joints ill only do it if the bars are short and or supported somewhere else on the tube. Look at any tall unsupported bars that have the mitered joints and you'll see a history of them cracking. That's a lot of leverage on a simple butt joint.

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