Sunday, June 3, 2012

I need a name for these........

There's too many mooseknuckle / T bars variations now. I need to name them all so that there's less confusion.

There's with or with out the forward bends 
Broomstick or bent grips
With or with out sleeves- straight or slash cut
7/8's, 1in, and 1.25 tube.

The list goes on.

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  1. "witch's broom bars"
    "tornado bars"

    three quickies, staffan.

  2. oh, and since i spent five minutes on that, my consulting fee is $10. oh for the days when i billed by the hour for two minutes of work. cha-one hundred dollars-ching.

  3. Zombie Boo-T's, Zombie Q-T's, Zombie Strip-T's, Zombie Speed-T's, Zombie Dee-T's [too much beer = Delerium Tremens, D.T's] . . . best I can do at short notice. Der Shovel is sharp as.