Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Im pulling out for a road trip to Born Free 4 and Im gonna be gone untill the 4th!

I hope to meet alot of you down there and check out alot of wicked bikes. For those of you that have pending orders with me, I just want to let you know Im gonna get busy on them as soon as I get back. For those of you that have already been patiently waiting Ive been busting my butt all week to get as much as I can done. Most of your stuff is already shipped or at the powdercoater and will be shipped as soon as I get back.

For those of you interested in placing orders,......Please feel free to place your orders in my WEBSTORE.  Im sure I'll be pretty stacked up with orders when I get back so,... the sooner you do, the further up in the line up you'll be.

Thanks everyone for your support and your patience. Im looking forward to coming back and getting busy!

See you at Born Free 4 and the Biltwell After Party!

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