Friday, June 29, 2012

Ninjas at Shoeman's Custom Cycles in Reno!

Steve and Chris kick ass! They opened up their shop to us so I could get my bike sorted out and they even got their hands dirty along the way. They even stayed late to help make it happen. They understod that we were in a pinch and helped up out instead of bending us over the barrel like a lot of other business/dealers would have. These guys are top notch in my book!

While there we pulled the headand rocker boxes to make sure that there wasn't going to be any major issues. We rejetted and carb and set the timing. We also put in a new clutch pack. Steels and fibers. the bikes clutch was always super noisy and was starting to slip but now its quiet and baby butt smooth!

Unfortunatly, I didn't get a chance to take some pics of their cool shop or even Steve's beast of a bike but Chris rode out with us to get gas and to show us the way back to the freeway. 

Here's Chris' FXR.

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