Monday, July 23, 2012

Still Broken

I got staples. I wasn't supposed to unwrap all the gauze but there was a lot of blood that oozed through. I figured letting that crap sit there for 2 weeks wouldn't be good so I rewraped it. Im still pretty damn sore but the pain is managable. I have my post operation apointment on the 2nd. Hopefully, ill have a better idea as to when I can get back in the shop. I'm trying to get some people to help me move some stuff around in the shop to make it a little more handycap accessable. Thanks everyone for your support and patience.

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  1. Neat suture work mate . . . I remember when I snapped my tibia and fibula on my skatey when I was fifteen, both bones came through the skin, they stuck em back together and put the cast straight on top of the gauze . . . the pain was ok but the stench of drying blood for the next three weeks, especially under the bed covers, was totally rank !!! take it easy man, good luck.

  2. My bike is down and I have no handlebars , this does no matter because on two wheels is healing , and ill wait as long as it takes to get my zombie zee's cause I know it will be worth it much respect and a speedy recovery bro

  3. thanks for your understanding and patience. im dying to get back to work.