Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zombie Vs Deer RAFFLE!

First off I want to thank everyone that has helped me out since the accident. Im completly blown away by how many people have stepped up and shown their support. Those of you that have placed handlebar orders and are being patient with me are really doing me a huge favor these days.

Im just now getting back into the shop and working my way through all the orders. Its slow going but atleast Im getting in there and starting to knock them out.

Now,.....THE RAFFLE!

I have a huge pile of medical bills that are still coming in and no health insurance. With some help from friends we have devised this RAFFLE. Im throwing up some bars and goodies I have in stock with hopes of generating some money too go towards my medical bills.

Tickets will be $25 per ticket and there will be multable winners. No limit on tickets per person and all the proceeds will be go towards my medical bills. Each ticket is a chance to win a prize. The more you buy, the better your chances!

I will Draw the winners on October 1st and post them up here!

Heres what I got:

The Grand Prize!
A set of 1in Stainless Steel Zombie Performance WTF bars with a complete with Biltwell Slimline risers, Whiskey Throttle, and Kungfu Grips!

Prize No.2!
A new (but no longer in the box) Lowbrow P-Nut Tank!

Prize No.3!
A set of 1in black powdercoated 12in tall Zombie Performance Bender Apes!

Prize No.4!
A set of raw 1in Zombie Performance Raked Riserless Rabbits!

Prize No.5 and 6!
We're giving away 2 Loud N Greasy No Brow Headlight mounts!

Prize No. 7!
Tail End Customs Piston LED Side Mount! A $139 value!

Prize No.8!
A "fuck" tail lamp assembly! I won this in the raffle at the Philo Beddoe Family Reunion! Thanks Rumble Company! Im gonna continue to spread the love!

Prize No.9!
A couple of grab bags full of all kinds of delicious little goodies from me and generous donations from other people!


Signature Customs is kicking down a rad set of custom riserless bars, a couple custom cast ignition covers, and a sweet shirt!

7 Metal West is donatiing one of their Custom Aluminum rear fenders! They will fit a Vintage 16in wheel or modern 18in wheel!

The Beer Booters are kicking down this Glass Beer Boot, a Delicious Local Micro Brew, and A Booter's T-shirt! Thanks Terry!
Fabrication Underground is kicking down this solid brass 1918 Bayonnet kicker peddle!

Still Kicking is throwing in these Bates pegs that are set up for a Harley Davidson peg mount!

YOURPOWDERCOATING.COM is kicking down this gift card for some free powdercoating on a set of motorcycle rims! a $200 value!

Cell Block Leathers is kicking down a custom hand tooled leather fuel bottle sling AND he'll custom tool it to your liking! WOW!

pics comming soon!

To enter the Raffle, please just send me a Paypal payment in the form of a gift to: for the amount of tickets you want. They are $25 a ticket and each ticket is a chance to win something.  Please make a note that the payment is for THE RAFFLE. If you dont have a paypal account I will except a check or postal money order. Just please mail it in soon enough so that it gets here intime for the drawing. My mailing addy:

Zombie Performance
Po box 2662
Winston Or.

Winners will need to pay for the shipping to recieve their prize.

For those of you that want to make a donation for the Grab Bag please email me. Your donation will be much appreciated. EMAIL:

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