Monday, October 1, 2012

Zombie Vs Deer Winners!!!!


grand prize - Brach W.
p-nut tank- Brian G.
Bender ape- Justin R.
Riserless Rabbits- Rus L.
Riserless Zeez- Jason H.
Riserless Drags- Daniel H.
Fuck Tail Lamp- Ryan D.
Loud n Greasy No Brow Headlamp mount 1- Michael P.
Loud n Greasy No Brow headlamp mount 2- Justin D.
Tail End Customs Piston LED side mount- Dennis R.
Signature Customs Riserless Bars- Jason E.
Signature Customs Wing Points cover- Joshua S.
Signature Customs Paisly Points Cover- William G.
7 Metal West Ribbed Aluminum Fender- Earl H.
Beer Booters Glass Boot- Gabe C.
Fabrication Underground Brass Kicker Peddle- David W.
Fabrication Underground Unity Lamp- Scott E.
Still Kicking Bates Pegs- Solve llc
Powdercoating- Ken G.
Cell Block Leathers Custom tooled Fuel Bottle sling- Damian E.
grab bag1- Jessica/Vince N.
grab bag2- Abraham F.
grab bag3- Scott E.
grab bag4- Joe S.
grab Bag5- Shad C.
grab bag6- Kyle T.
grab bag7- Brian G.
grab bag8- Tony S.
grab bag9- Ryan D.
grab bag10- David C.
grab bag11- Michael H.
grab Bag12- James S.

Congrates to everyone that won and a Huge thanks you to everyone that played and donated prizes! Im still down so ill start emailing the winners to arrange for delivery. Thanks everyone!

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