Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tail End Customs "ZOMBIE" Yamaha V Star

Josh over at Tail End Customs built this sexy little bike. Obviously im a fan! Heres what he had to say about it. Check out his stuff HERE

Well it all started one day while doing bath salts I had this hallucination of a Zombie Bike. So I found a dead 2005 Yamaha V star 650 to pump full of zombie blood. Now after pumping some Zombie blood in it came to its new life after death. Now it was starting to thrive and all these saddle bags and chrome accessories just started falling off the bike like it was transforming into a monster. I had to take a few steps back because I thought I was going crazy. So while the zombie was transforming I decided well there is only one person to call. So I called Steffan at Zombie Performance and said "Bro, your never gonna believe this shit, this bike is coming back from the dead and it needs some Zombified bars for it." Steffan said, "No problem bud I got you covered, Zombie is in my blood!" So we talked a bit and by now the bath salts have over come my body. So I had this crazy idea that hell since my bike was becoming a zombie the only fitting scheme for the paint was to use Steffans sweet logo. He of course loved the idea because hell it's free advertising and it's a awesome logo. So as time went by the Zombie became more ingrossed with disgusting details. About the time that I was coming down off my high the bike spoke to me. It said, "Get on, it's time for the death ride." So as fried as I was I said, "screw it why not." So I got on and fired it up. I had never heard pipes roar of death like that before. I popped it in gear burnt the brain matter right off those tires and took off through the night to never be seen again....
-Josh, Tail End Customs

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