Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life Behind Bars

Im sorry for the lack of post. I skipped going on The El Diablo Run to get caught up in the shop. Im bummed I missed out on it but the support from everyone placing orders is awesome. This is the busiest the business has ever been. Its kinda stressfull at times just being a one man show but im humbled and estatic that so many people are excited and want to run my bars on their bikes. If it wasnt for all of you I wouldnt be here watching my business grow and doing what I love to do. Thank you so much everyone!

Zombie Performance

Zee'd Riserless Rabbits
Hybrid Mini Apes
Bend-a-licious Apes
Riserless Rabbits
Clamp Style Rabbits
Quarter Racers
Custom Stainless Rabbits
Quarter Racers
Narrow Bastard Bars
Squid Bars
41mm Strap Ons

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