Saturday, November 9, 2013


Ive been changing things up a bit. As a one man show, things have been getting crazy with all the orders coming in. The support is awesome but I don't like it when people have to wait and Im sure you don't either. To fix this I've started standardizing my handlebar designs and getting an inventory built up.

The bars im going to have in stock will be plain bars in raw ready to ship or go to the powdercoater. All of the secondary options (ie. reliefs, internal wiring, knurling...etc) are built into the webstore as their own product. Just add the secondary options to the cart along with the bars you want to create a custom package. Any bars ordered with the secondary options will be custom orders that will need to be built. Im going to try and have most of the pieces to these bars premade so all ill need to do is add the selected option to the bars and then weld them up.

If all goes as planned people that want standard bars wont have to wait and the custom orders will get done a lot faster. So far, its working great!

Check out the Webstore and let me know what you think!

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