Monday, October 8, 2012


Went and saw the doc today. He said im healing like im supposed to and all the bones are where they should be. He said to keep stretching and dont put any weight on my leg or try to move my shoulder other than the stretches they showed me for another 4 weeks. They took all the stitches and staples out so hopefully my skin will stop itching and being irritated. Another month sounds like forever but its better than the 3 months they first predicted. Heres to another day of healing progress.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support!

Classic MILF Monday!

you're welcome Dan.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


live in SoCal!? Dont miss this!!!!

I kicked in some Narrow Zombie Zeez!
and our homie at Bitlwell have kicking down these helmets. It sounds like they are getting a custom paintjob too!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


My custom one off set of stainless steel riserless rabbits. These fit my 81fx shovel with a frisco'ed tank or any other bike with a simiar rake.
brushed stainless finish. 3.5in bolt center.
$200 shipped in the continental usa.

email me if your interested or have any questions.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Zombie Vs Deer Winners!!!!


grand prize - Brach W.
p-nut tank- Brian G.
Bender ape- Justin R.
Riserless Rabbits- Rus L.
Riserless Zeez- Jason H.
Riserless Drags- Daniel H.
Fuck Tail Lamp- Ryan D.
Loud n Greasy No Brow Headlamp mount 1- Michael P.
Loud n Greasy No Brow headlamp mount 2- Justin D.
Tail End Customs Piston LED side mount- Dennis R.
Signature Customs Riserless Bars- Jason E.
Signature Customs Wing Points cover- Joshua S.
Signature Customs Paisly Points Cover- William G.
7 Metal West Ribbed Aluminum Fender- Earl H.
Beer Booters Glass Boot- Gabe C.
Fabrication Underground Brass Kicker Peddle- David W.
Fabrication Underground Unity Lamp- Scott E.
Still Kicking Bates Pegs- Solve llc
Powdercoating- Ken G.
Cell Block Leathers Custom tooled Fuel Bottle sling- Damian E.
grab bag1- Jessica/Vince N.
grab bag2- Abraham F.
grab bag3- Scott E.
grab bag4- Joe S.
grab Bag5- Shad C.
grab bag6- Kyle T.
grab bag7- Brian G.
grab bag8- Tony S.
grab bag9- Ryan D.
grab bag10- David C.
grab bag11- Michael H.
grab Bag12- James S.

Congrates to everyone that won and a Huge thanks you to everyone that played and donated prizes! Im still down so ill start emailing the winners to arrange for delivery. Thanks everyone!