Saturday, May 9, 2015

Zombie Performance Narrow Shovelhead Fender Struts

Zombie Performance Narrow Shovelhead Fender Struts!

These Aluminum Fender struts mount to the INSIDE of your frame rails to help narrow the back end of your bike along with giving it a cleaner and custom look. All you have to do is drill the back two mounting holes in your fender and shape the fender to your desire.
These are much shorter than the stock or other aftermarket struts, but are just long enough to support a passenger or camping gear.
Fit: FX and FLH Shovelhead Frames.
Leaves room for a stock FXE 6in WIDE fender or modify for other custom fenders as long as they have flat sides and are 6in wide.
1/2in thick 6061 Aluminum
Comes with Stainless Buttonhead allen bolt hardware
Available Finishes:
-Raw sand blasted aluminum (To be sanded, polished, chromed by you)
-Flat Black 
-Medium Black
-Gloss Black
-Black Chrome Powdercoat
-Super Chrome Powdercoat