Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Bar end caps (aka: stash tubes!)

I got these in the works. Aluminum bar ends cap the ends of your lower tube and hold your registration....... or what ever else you want to stash in there. You can use them on the grips too if you chop the ends off your grip.

They will have a cut to length stainless rod that you can glue into place to hold your goodies so you wont have to try and fish your junk out of the bars. Double 0-rings to keep water an moisture out.
These will be perfect for my Quarter Racers, Clamp Style Rabbits, WTF bars, Cupacabras, STFU bars,....and a lot more!

These will be available for 1in bars first. 7/8's and 1.25 will be made to order.

Keep you eye out! Coming Soon!

Friday, June 7, 2013

More Goodies~!

39mm Stap-Ons!
Custom forward bend apes
Custom Riserless bars w/internal wiring
custom matching sissybar
My Shovel with some Zeed Riserless Rabbits